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Salon offers special treatments for people living with cancer

By Angharad Williams 

A BEAUTY salon and spa has introduced a new treatment specifically for people living with, or recovering from, cancer.

The oncology massage is being delivered by specially trained therapists in Beauty Oasis in New Inn, Pontypool and is structured to help reduce the effects of pain, anxiety and stress endured by cancer sufferers.

Spa and Salon owner Sarah Henson sent therapists on a training programme after reading about the benefits of the treatment and how it enables people with or recovering from cancer to enjoy a professional massage. Lots of people avoid having a massage because they are cautious due the affect cancer has had on their bodies.

“Having cancer should not stop you from enjoying a visit to a beauty salon,” Ms Henson said.

“The medical treatments for cancer can have side effects on skin including sensitivity, dryness and nail problems which is one of the reasons beauty salons have been reluctant to provide their standard treatments.

“We are using a range of 100 per cent natural and organic oils that have been specifically formulated for the most sensitive skin. Each massage is bespoke to the individual’s preferences and will help ease the pain and provide respite.”

Gale Kidman, 60, from Abercynon has cancer visits Beauty Oasis for a massage.

She said said: “Apart from the physical symptoms, a cancer diagnosis brings with it stress, anxiety and depression. The medics took control of the medical treatment but I was desperate for anything that would help me relax. I will never forget how distraught I was when I was turned away by a therapist at a well known spa who said they wouldn’t touch me for at least five years.

“I am so grateful to the team for listening and understanding the enormous benefits of massage to the wellbeing of cancer patients. My full body massage was wonderful, the therapist was so kind and it helped me in so many ways.”

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